Our Vision

We are living at a unique time on our beautiful planet. For many of us who have experienced contact with ETs and non-human entities we can feel an intense call from within our Souls, inviting us to be free; to be part of the answer, and to assist others who are just beginning to wake up. 

This group, "Awakening Souls", emerged from a great desire to be of service to other experiencers who are letting go of the old paradigm of fear and separation and are courageously beginning to accept a world based on Love and oneness. This is the great shift in Humanity that is presently taking place. As a group, we are ready to discover these next steps of our collective ascension in Consciousness. Our vision is that we can do this together and help others along the way. 

If you resonate to what has been shared, find yourself wanting to discover your unique purpose, and discover how you can be of service to others, then you might want to explore these questions with us. We, as experiencers, have been prepared for this time. We are waking up to knowing our experiences are multidimensional and are all about the expansion of Consciousness. 

You are not alone.  Let us come together and embrace these next steps into the Light. Now is the time for which we came. Are you ready? Will you join us on this journey of discovery at our monthly Zoom meeting?  

Toward Transformation

You are not alone. There are millions of experiencers around the world. Each is living his or her life on our beautiful planet but shares a common thread that is not widespread among our fellow humans. We have psychic awareness, altruistic feelings, and increased spirituality. We sense that we have a greater purpose in life but may not be certain of what it is. Together we can find the answers as we move toward the expansion of consciousness in our journey toward transformation. 

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Awakening Souls Founders 
Denise Stoner, Kathleen Marden, Judith Arseneau, and Georges Arseneau
Our peer support group facilitators are  Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner.  

We have a uniquely personal perspective on our lives as experiencers of contact. We do not share a common history. But we have been brought together for a collective purpose. Won’t you join us at our monthly meeting,on our mutual journey toward understanding?

Denise Stoner

Kathleen Marden

Judith Arseneau

Georges Arseneau

                                                          Facilitator Biographies

Denise Stoner

Until Denise began to work directly with Kathleen Marden she was suffering from disconnected memories and unreasonable fear of the dark, places with large pipes and dim lights to name just a few. Clowns with what she calls “False Faces” haunted her dreams and waking hours. Denise had no idea who she could safely talk to so kept everything locked inside her.

Denise has always had a strong desire to help others. Seeking ways to give this support, she searched various avenues to find the correct way to comfort others feeling the fearfulness and uncertainty she once had regarding her many experiences with the Greys. She became certified in hypnosis with the intent of helping some of those she spoke with to bring some of their disconnected memories together. She discovered that just listening to an individual’s story made a huge difference in their lives.

As the fear left Denise, a better understanding of the “experiencer” phenomena took the place of fear and uncertainty. Denise facilitates private meetings for experiencers, twice per year, allowing guests to share and speak to each other. She is now doing research in Past Lives with those who are interested in whether they had experiences with UFOs and ETs while living other lives. She supports other experiencers in their need to overcome the fear living inside them every day.  Working with Kathleen Marden, has brought healing and great comfort that now allows Denise to give back to those who suffer needlessly. She believes, that there needs to be a giant combined effort made to have others join in on this exciting path.

Kathleen Marden

There was a time when Kathleen was entombed in a fearful shell terrified of being taken by the Grey non-human entities who inserted themselves into her and her family’s lives. Rising during the night required an act of courage to overcome her trepidation. Like so many other experiencers she suffered from anxiety and trauma causally related to her contact experiences. She could not find the help she was seeking even though she met with major researchers. It seemed that they were only interested in her confidential story, not in reassuring her that she would be okay. She had promised herself that her abduction experiences would never see the light of day. They would forever remain locked inside her frightful shell.

Later in life, hypnosis by a kind, compassionate practitioner (Denise Stoner) unearthed memories of a pleasant tingling sensation and an intense sense of love and appreciation directed toward her by the non-humans of whom she was terrified. She began to overcome her disquieting emotions and moved beyond a researcher's admonition, earlier in life, that E.T.s cannot be trusted. "They lie." 

This launched her in a whole new direction, one of moving beyond fear. She conditioned herself by employing self-hypnosis for rapid induction and learned to project love toward her ET visitors despite her initial fight or flight response. This conditioned approach enabled her to grow in a transformative process, spiritually,  psychically, and emotionally. It carried her to a deeper understanding, beyond fear and loathing. She no longer views herself as a victim. but as a survivor, and carrier of information. This new perspective has changed everything. She realizes that she came to Earth for a greater purpose and this is the time of the unfolding.

For the past 20+ years, she has been an advocate for experiencers through research studies, writing, education, peer support, and hypnosis. Now she is excited to join others on a journey to discovery, to take the next step into the light that understanding can deliver.

Visit her personal website at www.kathleen-marden.com.    

Georges & Judith Arseneau

Georges and Judith have had visitations and contact since infancy.  Their experiences were somewhat unusual for they were usually picked up at the same time, by the same two and sometimes three human-like entities.  However, what was unique was that they were brought together from childhood, even though they lived in two different countries, Canada and U.S.A., and they spoke two different languages, French and English.

There was never any fear involved, just joy at being reunited with each other and their extended family.  As they got older, the "play dates" changed from gentle schooling to more specific instruction centering around the concept of Love and planetary Ascension. With each visit, they were left with a heightened sense of spirituality, almost a "euphoria", and knowledge of an infinite connection with the Divine Source.  They always had a feeling that the Earth was not their true home, and that they belonged in the stars.

When they finally met as adults in Montreal, Canada, in 1976, they spent several days together, sometimes in an almost trance-like state, as they remembered their past together and became aware of their purpose for being here.  Together, they have consistently worked in offering their love and understanding to others.  They continue to teach courses in spiritual transformation as well as other metaphysical subjects.

They recognize humanity is invited to take a step into greater conscious awareness of who they are as Light.  They are, also, deeply aware of the pain humanity is carrying and feel it is time for experiencers to come together and understand the purpose for which they have been prepared.  They are so excited to begin this journey of discovery with other experiencers who are responding to this call to Love.

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